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New Kia Imagine EV Concept

Set to Debut in 2021-2022

Progressive & New. Yet Familiar & Understood.

Kia’s First All-Electric 4-Door Car.

*Concept model shown. Production name still unknown.

Everyone wants to know more about the 2021 Kia Imagine EV, but it might be a 2022 model, once all is said and done. In this article, we strive to give you more information about the Kia Imagine concept vehicle, including prices, configurations, interior, features, EV battery + range, and initial reviews.

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Kia's Plan S Initiative

Kia has given electric cars a lot of focus recently with the Plan S initiative. In this commitment, Kia plans to offer 11 electric vehicles by 2025, with the first dedicated EV model by the end of 2021. The Plan S strategy shows how much the automaker cares about creating a Kia EV for the USA and the rest of the world.

Kia Imagine EV Release Date

Front exterior view of the New Kia Imagine EV concept

Keep in mind that the Kia Imagine EV is just a concept car. The actual name of the new Kia EV will likely be different once production occurs, but we don't know what that will be yet. As of now, the Kia Imagine EV release date should be at the end of 2021, as a 2022 model.

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Kia Imagine EV Price

The goal of creating a future Kia EV, such as the Imagine by Kia Concept, is to keep the price low and affordable for the masses while helping reduce the impact that automobiles have on the environment. There has been speculation that it costs as little as $35,000, but there is no confirmation on that number yet. We estimate a starting price of around $38,000. Most EVs produced by Hyundai/Kia start in the mid-to-high $30K range. The Hyundai Kona EV starts at about $37,000, whereas the Kia Niro EV begins around $39,000. A recent conversation between Kia's COO and Automotive News Europe revealed that Kia is not currently capable of launching an EV at $33,500. So, any Kia EV, including the Kia Imagine EV, produced for 2021-2022, will most likely have a price tag higher than $34,000.

Kia Imagine EV Trims & Configurations

The new Kia electric car should come in several trims and configurations, but we don't know what they are. However, it could be similar to what's available with both the Kia Niro and Soul. Most likely, if there are multiple trim levels, these could equate to the driving range (short-range vs. long-range) or the powertrain where one electric powertrain may have more horsepower/torque for a more thrilling ride.

Kia Imagine EV Exterior Design & Dimensions

The all-electric Kia Imagine might look like a crossover, but it is designed to be slightly smaller. While it isn't compact like many of Kia's other cars, it does feature a sedan-like Sportback feel. The four-door vehicle will likely look close to the concept vehicle once it heads to production.

Kia Imagine Electric Powertrain & Performance

We don't know what electric powertrain will be included in the Imagine by Kia yet but have only heard rumors about the driving range. It could be similar to the Hyundai Kona EV setup, which has a 201-hp (150kW) output with 258 miles of driving range, or the Kia Niro EV that also outputs 201-hp, but with 239 miles of driving range. However, unlike the Niro electric crossover, the Kia Imagine EV has a low-mounted, induction-charged battery pack that powers a compact drivetrain. This makes the Kia Imagine EV a C-segment car, not a crossover. Stay tuned for more information.

Kia Imagine EV Range & Battery

At this time, Kia claims that it aims to have a range of 500 miles, which is far longer than anything else produced by the automaker. A 500-mile EV range would also be the longest-ranged EV offered in the States. At the least, we the Kia Imagine EV should have 300 miles of driving range. There could be short-range and long-range models to keep the entry-cost down and make this Kia EV very affordable.

Kia Imagine EV Interior Features & Design

When the concept car was shown in Geneva, it was showcased with 21 screens shaped like glass shards. It's unclear if this is the same technology we will see in the production vehicle, but know that the automaker will include some ground-breaking amenities.

Kia Imagine EV Reviews & Ratings

There has been a lot of hype around the new Kia Imagine EV concept. Many of the famous auto publications have been talking about what's to come. For example, Electrek states that "the production version will be very close in appearance to the concept." Autoweek also points out that "the production version should open a new chapter for Kia when it comes to design and electric powertrains." Either way, we are excited to see what's coming next. Get the latest news about upcoming Kia vehicles and more from Kia Motors Global Media Center.

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