Phil Long Kia

Car Maintenance

Now at Phil Long Kia you can get this special maintenance deal for one low price!

We know that car maintenance is a fact of life: it is very important to keep up with or it can become expensive down the line. A regularly maintained vehicle is less likely to have too many problems over its lifetime. A well taken care of car, truck, or SUV is more likely to perform better if it is on a regular maintenance schedule. If you need new tires, it is always a good rule of thumb to have them rotated as well. Remember also that your car’s trade-in value is affected by how well both the interior and exterior have been maintained: having those details and dent repairs done as part of regular maintenance is much easier than paying a lot of money right before selling the car.

It really is a best practice of car ownership to consult your owner’s manual to fully understand what your car needs. Familiarizing yourself means you can make informed decisions about your car and what it needs. However, reading the owner’s manual can be extremely overwhelming for first-time car buyers. We are always here to help you work through the manual or offer advice about the kind of maintenance your car needs!

When you choose Phil Long Kia as your preferred maintenance stop, we are able to service any make or model vehicle! Although we are a Kia dealership, our knowledgeable staff can service that Volkswagen or Chrysler easily.

Here are a few examples of the maintenance we can perform on your car, truck or SUV:

- Oil change

- Battery replacement

- Tire rotations

- Fuel injection cleaning

- Transmission fluid exchange

- Alignment checks

- Flat tire repair

- Diagnostic checks

- Brake inspections

- Brake fluid exchange

- Nitrogen tire conversion

- Details

- Special accessories

See below for our special maintenance package offered by Phil Long Dealerships. The package includes many services you will need for your car, just call or visit Phil Long Kia to get your offer today!